Research and Development for the Cosmetic Industry


The cosmetic industry is a scientifically-driven industry based on constant innovation and product development through R&D. R&D helps in catering the latest market to a great extent and can be taken on hand for significant reasons:

To harmonize with the biology of different hair, skin, teeth etc.

To suffice the dermatological characteristics of people Improve product performance Make them safer to use Match consumers ever-changing expectations Fulfil beauty aspirations Reduce environmental impacts For continuous industrial innovations For Scientific advancements Make diverse and tailored products specific to gender, age, ethnicity, geographical climate, lifestyle, health, well-being and religious beliefs Create multi-functional products to provide value for money to the users Be different than the competitive brands in the market Due to shifting trends and fashion sense To make products cost-effective Increase the effectiveness of the products Show commitment towards consumer’s wellbeing Cater mass market or specific groups.

The main goal of our in-house R&D laboratories is to enhance natural and functional ingredients’ qualities into unique blends and proprietary formulations that provide our customers with potent skin care products that rely on the latest research in Dermatology and Medical Aesthetics. Additionally, we use novel and special blending   scientific knowledge alongside state-of-the-art equipment and micro encapsulation technologies, so we can improve active ingredients’ stability and duration, achieve better skin penetration, and meet the strictest of standards and regulatory requirements.

To maintain the highest level of products’ quality we run uncompromising quality control and quality assurance processes throughout the entire process, creating a tightly controlled scaling process that start with ideas and brainstorming and end with manufacturing and customer support and service. This ensures we are continuously able to offer our customers a wide range of products and solutions to meet their every need.

Three main steps a company’s R&D team performs:

A cosmetic company’s R&D team considers all the above reasons to create new products and formulas or upgrade and improve the current products.

Based on the nature of a product and climatic conditions, scientific R&D team decides protective packaging measures for the products.

According to the expected reaction or action of the content’s ingredients, product’s performance and stability of the content, the R&D team ensures to take the safety measures during products’ transportation and storage.

When a company is involved in natural cosmetics, R&D becomes more stringent as natural products pose more health risks. But that does not make R&D of other products less important. Compare the thick and oily UV-Protection sunscreen available 20 years ago with today’s sunscreen. There is a vast difference. It took almost 20 years to remove the smell of ammonia from the hair-dyes and took years of innovation to make lipsticks with less oil content, increased moisture and giving the long-lasting finish.

We understand that your products need to meet high standards while achieving progress to market quickly and cost effectively.

We supports your research and development, marketing, licensing and distribution of products through services which enable strict control and evaluation of safety, efficacy and acceptability including:

Consumer Healthcare Trials

Global Regulatory Compliance for Cosmetic Products

Toxicological Risk Assessment

Cosmetics Testing

Consumer Healthcare Trials

We are  ready to present a new paradigm that will lead the way for the future of the global beauty industry.

In this We have following R & D Facilities
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